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How to get there ?

By plane– flights on Tozeur
By the road
In bus

By plane– flights on Tozeur


•  Paris (Orly) – Tozeur with Tunisair
•  Nice – Tozeur with Tunisair
•  Lyon - Tozeur with Tunisair
•  Milan - Tozeur with Tunisair
•  Paris (Orly) – Tozeur with low cost Transavia
•  Tunis – Tozeur with Sevenair (50mn) * PPlane tickets may be bought directly from Tamerza Palace & Spa travel agency and added to your room invoice.

If you experience problems finding flights, do not hesitate to ask us for assistance or to be directed to our Tour Operators partners.

Please note there are almost no international flights on Tozeur from mid-June to mid-September.


Tel. : (00216 70) 837 000
Tel. : (00216 70) 838 300 Extension (2050/2080)
Fax. : (00216 71) 942 505

Management/Agency: 15 Av de Friedland
Tél : (00331) 42 12 31 00 Fax : (00331) 44 15 90 00
Tél : (00331) 42 12 31 04/34 Fax : (00331) 42 67 50 57
Call Center
Tél : 0820 044 044


Siège : (216) 71 94 23 23
Call center: (216) 71 94 26 26
Fax : (216) 71 94 22 72


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By the road


Transfert in private 4x4 vehicle with driver/guide to your service
Tamerza Palace & Spa organises transfers from any city in Tunisia, we will pick you up from any place.
Make a request (cotations according to distance).

Distance in km and time

Tozeur airport to Tamerza Palace or vice versa
Gafsa-Tamerza or vice-versa
Tunis-Tamerza or vice-versa
Hammamet-Tamerza or vice-versa
Jerba-Tamerza or vice-versa
Sousse-Tamerza or vice-versa
Monastir-Tamerza or vice-versa
Sfax-Tamerza or vice-versa
Ksar Ghilane Tamerza or vice-versa
Matmata-Tamerza or vice-versa
Redeyef - Tamerza

70 km - 50 mn.
100 km -1h30
450 km- 6h
400 km- 5h15
450 km -5h30
380 km- 4h
400 km- 5h
350 km- 4h
350 km- 4h30
375 km- 5h
165 km- 2h30
20km - 20 mn
*All transfers (except from Gafsa and Tozeur airport), include driver/vehicle available for stops - visits on the way.

With your own car/rental car.

Roads from Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse, Sfax, Jerba, Douz… to Tamerza are easy to follow and in perfect condition. They can be taken with any type of vehicle. Landscapes are changing as well as beautiful, do not forget your camera, the road is an adventure !

At the hotel, you may visit almost all the attractions with a regular car (except sand dunes that are only accessible by 4x4 vehiclesand guide).

Road Tunis-Tamerza
Leave Tunis by the the main highway to Sousse
Take exit Enfidha - direction Kairouan
To Kairouan, go around the city and go on direction towards Gafsa
To Gafsa, go accross the city, follow directions to Tamerza written Tameghza (not Tozeur)
After about. 45 mn, you will pass Moulares and Redeyeff, go on towards Tamerza
At a round point, a green sing will indicate Tamerza Palace on the left (down)
After 5 minutes the hôtel will appear on your left hand.

Visits proposed : Kairouan and its Kasbah for lunch, little detour for Sbeitla’s ruins visit, Typical : eat grilled lamb with your hands to Bir El Haffey.

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In bus


For those with patience (almost 8h), the bus is comfortable and cheap.
Rate is about 25 td per person. The bus starts from downtown Tunis (or else) and goes to Tamerza (written Tameghza) and leaves you right in front of the hotel.
SNTRI Tunis : (216) 71 784 433

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